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Switch - DeepSea Release v4.0.0

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Great news, DeepSea updated to version 4.0.0 including the latest Atmosphere (1.3.0) and Hekate (5.7.2).

This update will allow you to play on firmware 14.0.0, which added and changed a bunch of stuff in the background. The most notable change for you is the ability to create folders in the "all apps" menu!

It is huge for us as it comes with a massive facelift of all our assets. Banner, logos, icons and texts were all updated on Github, Discord and our homebrews. We love the new design and we hope that you do too. This wouldn't have been possible without @sodasoba1 , who invested his time and patience with us to deliver incredible artwork. Please show him some love!

The update also includes a lot of changes to our build script to make it faster, more efficient and more reliable. Its now linked to our twitter account (https://twitter.com/TeamNeptuneNX) so if you are more active over there, you will always be notified when a new release drops (and maybe about other secret stuff 👀). This is the groundwork for other things that we can now take care of in the very near future. We are really excited for what things are about to happen!

And as you guys know, we always want to improve the experience you guys have. No matter if its helping each other here on discord, including/removing homebrews from our packages or even writing entirely new homebrews. We always want your feedback and make DeepSea the best it can be. If you have an idea or a suggestion, please never shy away from writing us a message :)

As always, thank you guys for your massive support!

  • Builder

    • improved performance and reliability
    • added autotweet on release
  • DeepSea

    • Updated Atmosphere to 1.3.0
    • Updated Hekate to 5.7.2
    • Removed ldn-mitm
    • Updated aio-switch-updater to 2.17.1
    • Updated Status-Monitor-Overlay 0.6.4
    • Updated sys-clk to 1.0.2
    • Updated DeepSea Toolbox to 6.0.0
    • Added DeepSea hb-menu theme
    • Updated Switch Bootlogo
    • Updated Hekate Bootlogo
    • Updated Hekate background
    • Updated repository assets
  • DeepSea-Assets (private repository)

    • Added huge collection of recent and future assets
      • (for example a currently unreleased tinwoo theme)

If you feel generous, you can help the team to cover their expenses here:
Paypal: team.neptune@hotmail.com
Patreon: https://patreon.com/teamneptune

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