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EmuELEC - EmuELEC v3.7


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Important notes

This release has many new features some of them that will require a bit of setting up if you are upgrading. The biggest change is that the getcores.sh file that was responsible for showing what emulator was used for what platform is no longer used, this means that emuelec.conf and emuoptions.conf from earlier versions will no longer will compatible! (well only the core/emulator part) so if you previously had set some games to run on certain emulators this needs to be redone, sorry about that but its for the better!

It is highly recommended to do a clean install and just transfer your /storage/roms folder again!
If you are doing this, also make sure your saves are transferred, since there was a bug on v3.6 that used /storage/.config/retroarch/saves instead of saving on the same path as the ROM.

WARNING: This will REPLACE the es_systems.cfg file, if you manually changed this file those changes will need to be redone, sorry can't seem to find a better way yet.

WARNING 2: If your saves are in /storage/.config/retroarch/save* (or any other place other than the /storage/roms folder) make a backup of them BEFORE you update! or they will be lost, RA should now save them on the same folder as the ROM (as it did before) but you need to replace the retroarch.cfg (you can just delete it from network share or ssh and reboot) or change the savefiles_in_content_dir and savestates_in_content_dir to true in the retroarch.cfg file

If you are updating, remember to run "RESET EMUELEC SCRIPTS AND BINARIES TO DEFAULT" from the EmuELEC meu > Danger Zone after the update is done, otherwise you will run into problems.

Project Support

If you wish to support EmuELEC you can use Patreon or Paypal, note that this is absolutely not required to enjoy EmuELEC but it helps a lot and it is greatly appreciated!

Also, we have started a new official EmuELEC Youtube channel aimed at showcasing EmuELEC running different systems on different boards/tv boxes, and why not maybe some tutorials or game-plays in the future!! please drop by and subscribe!


We have very little time to fully test everything but we have tried our best to test each feature, keep in mind there are so many variables it is possible that we missed some! So if you find any sort of problem please don't hesitate to open an Issue, check out the (very WIP) wiki https://github.com/EmuELEC/EmuELEC/wiki (which you can also help by adding or editing it!) or you can also join us in discord: https://discord.gg/cbgtJTu


Please remember, EmuELEC is COMPLETELY FREE! it is not to be sold or included in ANY commercial products as a whole, if you have paid for EmuELEC or an image, DEMAND YOUR MONEY BACK! For more license info read https://github.com/EmuELEC/EmuELEC/blob/master/README.md

Now for the update notes!

Fixes and new features

  • Netplay lobby is now accessible directly from ES for the cores that support it
  • Add support for Odroid N2+ (to OC you need to edit config.ini in the first partition max_freq_a73=2400 and max_freq_a53=2016, watch your temps)
  • Added (untested) support for LaFrite
  • Introduce ee_check_bios: This will check for missing bios before launching a game, and it will display a dialog box if any required bios are missing. Based on #218 by @TheLastProject The only one I did not add to this list is Cgenius as it seems it can be used for several games not just one, so having a requirement for all games seemed bad.
  • Add a Bluetooth on/off switch to ES, this will allow you to disable BT if you are not using it.
  • setsettings.sh: fix atari800 loading and gambatte colorization
  • es_systems.cfg: remove all groups
  • Add support to read profile.d from /storage/.config
  • SDL_GameControllerDB: Fix Oga v1.1 mapping
  • Emuelec-emulationstation: Change default settings
  • advmame: Another attempt at auto config joysticks that should work on the OGA (hopefully)
  • fbterm.sh: add "error" to display a dialog box with an error for 10 secs
  • emustation-config: make sure the BT agent is not running (this one is important)
  • Add sanity checks when launching Cave Story (#218)
  • missing-bios: add --filter
  • updatecheck.sh: Add forceupdate test
  • Added NEC PC-9800 to es_systems.cfg
  • Ports: Included hydracastlelabyrinth, OpenTyrian, HodeSDL, Bermuda but only OpenTyrian has a launch script, as soon as I test the others I will add the launch script
  • Added a missing core "Quicknes"
  • OdroidGoAdvance: Enable 3do and Saturn, I have no idea why people want to play these systems on the OGA, but by popular demand, here they are.
  • Fix/improve Bluetooth pairing
  • Bluetooth: Try to pair gamepads at boot, to make this work you need to set your game-pad in pairing mode when EmuELEC is booting
  • Initial Bluetooth management menu (#209) under setup scripts you will find a new menu driven Bluetooth pairing method, by coach1988, very useful if the regular method does not work for you.
  • YouTube search: Add default search word to ES. under the EmuELEC settings menu there is a new option to set the default word to search, in case you don't have a keyboard this can be used, not ideal, but it works.
  • Remove "tiggerhappy", was planing on using it but never got to, so it was just wasting space
  • ES can now show PDF manuals from games.
  • set_advmame_joy.sh: force button "a" as "ui_select"


  • Cyclone68000: bump to 94a9d9a
  • Libretro: Bump some cores
  • Retroarch: Bump to a308be6
  • Advancemame: Bump to ceabee9
  • Dosbox-x: bump to d13deeb
  • Amiberry: Bump to 0209dbf
  • PPSSPPSDL: Bump to 3403e28
  • ResidualVM: Bump to 626c557
  • ScummVMSA: Bump to 4d99e3a
  • StellaSA: Bump to 5f5ac95
  • OpenBOR: Bump to e761464
  • Mupen64plus-nx: Bump Amlogic-ng to be9b85a
  • HatariSA: Bump to 453e88b
  • Skyscraper: Bump to e39e882
  • youtube-dl: Bump to 2020.06.16.1
  • xow: bump to 9e86c52
  • Parallel64: bump to 76193f8
  • emuelec-emulationstation: Bump to 5e9dc64

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