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EmuELEC - v3.9


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This is the last 32bit release of EmuELEC, this also concludes support for the S912 devices (including Pandora boxes) as there is no 64bit drivers for this SOC.

Starting from v4.0 EmuELEC will only be 64bits, this unfortunately means that you cannot upgrade from 3.9 to v4.0, so a clean install must be made, but you can do a backup of your roms and settings and copy them over to v4.0 if you like but this has to be done manually.

This release is mostly bug fixes:

  • Emuelec-Emulationstation: Bump to dbb576d
  • Retroarch: Fix crash with CHD + Cheevos
  • Odroid N2+ :Fix reboot after danger zone reset
  • Add Pico-8 Support
  • Rename n64.rmp to Mupen64Plus-Next.rmp and Fix remapping loading
  • Disable digital to analog on ParaLLEl N64 too
  • es-theme-EmuELEC-carbon: Bump to ca062ff
  • Fix DOOM location (#308)
  • Fix killall triggering crash detection (#303)
  • fix ee_backup
  • OdroidGoAdvance: FIX RGA scaling not covering the whole screen
  • Other small changes and fixes.

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