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EmuELEC - v4.0 (bug fix updated)


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Note: if this message was not here when you downloaded it, please download again, there was a small bug that was fixed regarding a script error.

Yes its finally here :)

The change log is HUGE so I am just going to focus on the most important parts (and the ones I can remember):

  • EmuELEC is no longer 32bit, it has now moved to AARCH64 (With some small parts still being 32 bit, like PCSX_Rearmed and Parallel64)
  • A brand new default theme made specifically for EmuELEC! Crystal! https://github.com/dm2912/Crystal
  • For easy access with any computer a third partition (EEROMS) will now be created on the first boot as FAT32, which is where all the ROMS will be stored.
  • Update folder is now located in EEROMS/.update in case you want to copy the update files directly, its also still accesible from the samba share
  • S912 (Including most Pandora) will no longer be supported, if you have one of those 3.9 is the latest version
  • Most save states are now in one folder (/storage/roms/savestates/[system] or EEROMS/savestates/[system]) I might have missed a few of the standalone emulators, but if you find any issues with that, please let me know, please make sure you move them there if you plan to keep using your old ones
  • Introduced ee_defaults.txt 9358efe
  • Switch all error messages and scripts to use TvTextViewer, also improve how these are displayed
  • New emulator/cores added Dosbox-pure, Solarus, Tic-80, Mesen, DosBox-Staging, DosBox-X and others
  • Dolphin has been added to the Amlogic-ng devices, but it is only really playable on S922x devices and gamepad stills needs to be set manually. Will fix this on v4.1
  • Added many ports including Duke Nukem 3D, Sonic 1, 2 and CD, RigelEngine, Bermuda Syndrome, Hydra Castle Labyrinth and others. Keep in mind most of the ports still need the DATA as it is not included! (check Missing Bios in the Game Options)
  • Better Bluetooth manager and connection in general also Keep Bluetooth pairings even if doing a full reset
  • Most emulators and cores are updated
  • Support for the Odroid-Go Super

As well as many, many other issues, bug fixes and additions I probably forgot! but you can check the (mostly) full change log here:

Very important note!

This version is NOT backwards compatible, meaning this release cannot be used to upgrade older versions! I know lots of people hate reinstalling, but due to the nature of the changes this is a MUST but now with the third partition you can copy the ROMS directly, faster and safer! no messing around with software that corrupts the data! be warned that if you do not do a clean install, you will have issues!

This version also includes a new auto update script that will hopefully make it easier than ever to update when new versions come out.

If you are new to EmuELEC please READ the WiKi at https://github.com/EmuELEC/EmuELEC/wiki BEFORE asking for any help. You can also join us in discord! https://discord.gg/cbgtJTu If you want to support EmuELEC please click on the "Support" button on top to find out how!

We have tried our best to test each and every aspect of EmuELEC but keep in mind we cannot test each and every game and setting, so I am sure you will find new and improved bugs and issues! so don't hesitate to jump into discord to let us know, or open an issue right here in GitHub (but please follow the template!)

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