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EmuELEC - v4.1


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Note: Regular update is broken on 4.0, if you want to update directly you need to go to:
1.- Updates and Downloads and set update type to Stable
2.- EmuELEC Settings > Danger Zone > Force Update and follow the instructions

Otherwise you can download the .tar corresponding to your device and copy it to:

  • Using Samba/network share: Update
  • Directly to the SDCard on the EEROMS partition .update

FULLY read (and understand) the release notes and don't forget to use Reset EmuELEC scripts and binaries to default


  • Emulationstation: While in a game list, pressing X/Y will move to a random game/open game options, holding X/Y will mark it as favorite/open search (thanks to @lethal-guitar)
  • Bump PPSSPPSDL to v1.11
  • Bump Duckstation to abb7631
  • Pico-8: Allow saving favorite carts, include binary in backup
  • Update Sonic 1 and 2 so that they work with multiple gamepads
  • Bump most emulators and cores to newest git hash (check commits for specifics)
  • Bump Crystal theme which now includes a new panel (boxart), 16:9, 4:3 and CRT versions
  • Enable bezels on OGS, not fully tested yet
  • Bump Genesis-plus-gx and Genesis-plus-gx-wide to support FM music
  • Use DinguxFileManager as default on all platforms
  • Use gptokeyb as a fake keyboard for OpenBOR
  • Bump Retroarch to 1.9.1
  • API keys for Emulationstation have been changed, please refer to the emuelec-emulationstation/package.mk


  • Added Chocolate-Doom and lzdoom with support for mods
  • Added SuperTux and SuperTuxKart to ports
  • Added Imagemagick (mainly for screenshot manipulation from CLI)
  • Added logos to the ports (Thanks to Dim!)
  • Added vertical aspect ratio option to OGA/S
  • Added gptokeyb to enable video controls on all devices with SDL support! with configuration support
  • Replace jslisten with gptokeyb to kill emulators
  • Added easyrpg to es_systems.cfg
  • Added Ecwolf with support for mods
  • Added supermariowar to ports, on the first run a fake keyboard will be used, make sure you set your gamepad and restart the game, if you need to run the fake keyboard again delete /emuelec/configs/smw/nofakekeyb and run the game again.
  • Added Flycast 32bit as core option for Dreamcast/Atomiswave/Naomi
  • Added Amstrad GX4000


  • Removed unused scripts, and fixed many small issues with scripts
  • Fixed many script that were causing hangups or other issues
  • Fixed gamecontrollerdb.sh it will now replace the UUID from the one in the db, this fixes weird controllers that use the same UUID as others (but are not the same)
  • Fixed an issue with unicode characters not displaying correctly on the EEROMS partition (CN, JP, etc)
  • Fix SonicCD Gamepad for the OGS
  • Fix Pico-8 disappearing splore file
  • Fix Scummvm game scan
  • Fix brightness not restored after reboot on OGA/S, thanks to @miwasp, fixes issue #470
  • Fixed issue with OGA/S OC not beeing applied correctly (this does not solve the random lockups on some devices)
  • Fix backup/restore issues
  • Fixed Retroach video recording
  • Fixed Eduke not running when having lots or ROMS in ES, by enabling swap (much testing needed!)
  • Fixed an issue with ES not playing .ogg music files in BGM
  • Fixed some errors messages were not wrapped and could not be read
  • Fixed OpenBor would not work after playing one game
  • Fixed DevilutionX character voices were wrong
  • Fixed DevilutionX mouse emulation was not working
  • ARM32 interpreter is now symlinked so no need for patchelf
  • Fix some TimeZones not displaying/working correctly (#546)
  • Fix hand-held bezels for 720p and 1080p

This version includes a big change on how binaries and scripts are stored, basically to deal with the issue of people not reading how to properly update and since I am getting tired of answering the same question over and over again, lets just move all binaries and scripts to RO /usr/bin, this will force update all of these and make updating much simpler.

If you use custom scripts /emuelec/bin and /emuelec/lib are still in the path so you will have to deal with it accordingly.

All configurations regarding emuelec will still be handled in /emuelec/config

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