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EmuELEC - v4.3


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Note If you need help to update (since auto update was broken on 4.2) please read this wiki entry.

And as with any other release, backup your settings before applying!


  • Fix Autoupdate
  • Fix no backup restore if EEROMS was set to fat32
  • Fix no external ROMS if EEROMS was set to fat32
  • Fix typo on Parallel N64 32b core name
  • Unify Brightness between ES and RA
  • Fix advmame.sh: unset DISPLAY for Amlogic and Amlogic-ng
  • Fix SuperTux2: Fix sed in launch script
  • Fix vertical mode not respecting index ratio
  • Fix Connect to WiFi on first boot if using es_defaults.txt
  • Fix volume resets to 98% using AV
  • Fix Do not redirect stdout/stderr to /dev/null in maxperf and normperf. (#661)
  • Fix Amstrad GX4000
  • Fix create /storage/roms/amstradgx4000 on boot
  • emuelecRunEmu.sh: remove hardcoded bin path, this allows to use most of the binaries/scripts be called from /emuelec/bin or /usr/bin in that order
  • Add Megadrive MSU to es_systems.cfg
  • Add fceumm-mod libretro core to play some additional NES ROM hacks. (#658)
  • New Packages: Box64, Box86, GL4es, Axe11, libglu (for future use)
  • Bump most cores and emulators to current versions
  • Bump Retroarch to 1.9.6
  • Add Flycast Stand Alone
  • Add Alternate version of Mupen64plus-nx
  • Replace old filemanager for 351Files
  • Cleanup es_systems.cfg remove and add some extentions
  • Add Hurrican port (Handhelds currently have no working controls)
  • Atomiswave: Remove workaround for nvmem
  • Fix Stadia Gamepad. Thanks to amuzulo#1322
  • Fix issue with lzdoom loading .doom files and sound on mods
  • Update some sound packages
  • Fix es_systems.cfg: Add extensions to c64/c128 and Amiga (#677)
  • Add Cdogs-sdl to ports
  • Add Abuse to ports NOTE: WIP controls
  • Add Streets of Rage Remake
  • Fix Retroarch display of CJK characters (Fixes #534 & #431)
  • Fix SFC not scraping
  • Updated most emulators and cores
  • Create folders for fbneo consoles
  • Minor changes to fix switching of resolutions.
  • fheroes2: Add Free Heroes of Might & Magic II port
  • SoRR: Fix controls on Gameforce and OGA
  • Fix bezels downloaded to the wrong location
  • Enable Random Boot videos (see note)
  • es_systems.cfg: C64 add .tap extension
  • Add "Set as bootgame" option to advance game options (see notes)
  • Stop using autostart.sh and use /usr/bin/emuelec_autostart.sh (if you need to use autostart please use /storage/.config/custom_start.sh)
  • emuelec-emulationstation: use GLES2 renderer
  • Many small fixes I may have missed on this changelog


  • Add preliminary support for Raxda Zero
  • Add RTL8761 Bluetooth Support (#698)
  • Include ssv6xxx-aml drivers

Odroid Go Advance:

  • Enable bluetooth support for OGA/OGS (#725)

Note about random intro videos:
mp4 files only and they should be in /storage/roms/splash/introvideos
if no mp4 file is found the default intro video is shown.
In ES, enabling "Randomize Boot Video" will also enable "Always Show Boot Video"

Note about "Set as bootgame":
This will allow to select a single game to start at boot, useful for arcade systems or for handhelds if you have a favorite game and what to launch it on boot.
This game is launched by ES before it loads the game gamelists, so any stats recorded by ES will saved (e.g. times played, last played, etc)

Select the game and open the "Advance Game Options" and then set "Launch This Game At Startup" to "On"

  • After the game is ended (via hotkey+start) normal boot will continue.
  • Not all systems support this (e.g, ports).
  • Any retroarch settings (shaders, filters, bezels, splash, etc) will be respected.
  • To remove bootgame, select the game that is currently set to boot and set "Launch This Game At Startup" to "Off", or go into "System Settings > Developer > Stop Launching This Game At Startup"
    Fixes #728

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