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EmuELEC - v4.4


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Celebrating 1.4 million total downloads, v4.4 is finally here! this version has a LOT of changes please read through the changelog to find out about them.

As always. while we try to test every aspect of this release with many new settings, options, emulators and ports it is impossible to test it on all devices and with all games. If you find any issue please use Discord, The EmuELEC forum or if you are sure its a reproducible bug open a GitHub issue.


Huge update to base build system:

  • All Amlogic devices now use the same kernel 4.9-19!
  • You might notice a bit more performance on some emulators as well usage in general.
  • IMPORTANT: S905 (GXBB, p201) for the moment is no longer supported. If you have one of those devices (s905 no letter after the 5) DO NOT UPDATE, stay in 4.3.

Fixed Bugs:

  • One of the most annoying bugs that plagued fbdev with Retroarch was finally fixed (Issue #76)
    fixed in PR mali_fbdev fix for fps drop after egl_destroy (#789) by @spleen1981!
    This means that using Retroarch as boot up option is now possible (some small changes need to be done).
  • Fixed Bluetooth connectivity issues
  • Fix zoom not working on manuals
  • Fix many external mounting issues
  • Backup will now rename the file instead of deleting it after restore.
  • Fixed SuperTux and SuperTuxKart data download
  • Fixed auto-update would show update available even if there was none.

Additions and other fixes:

  • Added WIP Mupen64plus Standalone
  • Added WIP FBNeo Standalone
  • Added Duckstation Standalone
  • Added Yabasanshiro Standalone
  • Added Blake Stone to ports
  • Added iotop
  • Added VIM
  • Added External Mount settings in ES
  • Added option to create key remaps for Advance MAME Thanks to Joshua L (@Langerz82)
  • Switch to SDL 2.0.20 for all devices
  • Support for Pixelcade (Install script is in Setup)
  • Retroachievements encore is now configurable from ES
  • Added Enable Integer Overscaling in ES
  • Use toggle for fast forward instead of hold
  • Add .68k .68K .sgd .SGD to genesis/md
  • Added gamepad auto configuration for Dolphin and Flycast Thanks to Joshua L (@Langerz82)
  • Reworked Advance MAME gamepad auto configuration Thanks to Joshua L (@Langerz82)
  • Removed ceemmc because it's no longer compatible with 3 partitions
  • Added option to backup to cloud services using rclone.
  • Switch to parallel_n64_32b as default n64 emulator for handhelds.
  • Add Heart Of Darkness to ports (PR #863)
  • Added a5200 core as default emulator for Atari 5200
  • Added gearcoleco core (PR #859)
  • Updated several emulators (PR #856)
  • Added Messen-s to gameboy to allow for Super GameBoy emulation (PR #848)

And many other changes! for the full list check out the commit history.

Cloud sync note:

Be sure to read https://rclone.org/remote_setup/#configuring-by-copying-the-config-file
Name your remote as EmuELEC_Remote and copy rclone.conf to /emuelec/configs/rclone/
finally create a folder named EmuELEC_Backup on your cloud service.

If you would like to use another name for the remote or backup folder you can create a file named
/emuelec/configs/rclone/ee_cloud_sync.cfg and add this to the file:


Cloud backup and restore options are in
"Main Menu > EmuELEC Settings > Danger Zone > Cloud Backup Settings and Game Saves"
"Main Menu > EmuELEC Settings > Danger Zone > Cloud Restore Settings and Game Saves"

Also note that this feature is currently in beta so don't put your blind fate on it working 100%

Project Support

If you wish to support EmuELEC you can use Github sponsors, Patreon or Paypal, note that this is absolutely not required to enjoy EmuELEC but it helps a lot and it is greatly appreciated!

Please remember, EmuELEC is COMPLETELY FREE! it is not to be sold or included in ANY commercial products as a whole, if you have paid for EmuELEC, it was included on a device or an image, DEMAND YOUR MONEY BACK! For more license info read https://github.com/EmuELEC/EmuELEC/blob/master/README.md

What's Changed

New Contributors

Full Changelog: https://github.com/EmuELEC/EmuELEC/commits/v4.4

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