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Switch - NxFileViewer v2.1.0


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Here is the third release of NXFileViewer.


  • New setting added to select the structure tree loading mode
  • Fix a display bug in the settings when cancel button was clicked
  • Enum settings are now saved as string instead of integer (better readbility)
  • Change version format in overview tab (displayed as 65536, 131072, etc instead of,
  • Opened file logged
  • Log level can be selected in the settings
  • Keys download URL can be defined in the settings
  • The ModuleID (also known as Build ID) is displayed in the properties when the «main» program file is selected (requested by BigOnYa)
  • Some extra properties added to display
  • Missing NCAs of type «DeltaFragment» are logged as warning instead of error (maybe normal ?)

SHA256: d4c7711f6d63de4d869acd59b70ccf276fa8651d3bd217834c29cacdb328fac0

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