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Switch - SkyNX SkyNx - Motion Controlls For Cemu!!


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As per user suggestions I have made a patreon and a paypal.
If you think this app is Useful, Please consider donating to support its development.


No bug fixes just yet, just wanted to, idk... Add motion support for Cemu!


This updates both the streamer and the app. Please reinstall both to get this working.

Video Instructions / Review Here. Big shout out to Jonny Troche for this high quality tutorial! Make sure to like and subscribe guys ;D

If your interested in using SkyNX to turn your Nintendo Switch into a WiiU gamepad using Cemu. Here is a link with my tutorial on how to set it up! Nintendo Switch as a WiiU Gamepad


  • Stream PC games with audio to switch at 60fps!
  • Handles up to 4 JoyCon pairs. (4 Players at once!)
  • Motion control support for Cemu.
  • Optionally disable video to use the JoyCons as remotes on PC!
  • Optionally disable audio.
  • Optionally swap A and B AND X and Y.
  • Handles basic touch input.
  • Handles right click. (Touch with 1 finger, tap with the second)
  • Handles scrolling. (Your standard 2 finger scroll.)


  1. Copy the switch folder in SkyNX.zip, to the root of your sd card.
  2. Install the forwarder with a nsp installer such as Goldleaf.
  3. Extract SkyNXStreamer-win32-ia32.zip to somewhere safe.
  4. Set desktop and game resolution to 1280 X 720. (Massively improves latency to match switch resolution.)
  5. Open SkyNXStreamer-win32-ia32/SkyNXStreamer.exe
  6. Launch SkyNX on switch.
  7. Put the IP showed on the app into the streamer.
  8. Click start streamer.

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