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MiSTer FPGA - mt32-pi v0.9.0


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  • The number of seconds to wait before a SoundFont begins loading after using the switch button can now be adjusted (new configuration file option).
  • MT-32 ROMs and SoundFonts can now be loaded from USB mass storage devices.
    • This feature should be considered unstable/experimental - some USB disk/Raspberry Pi combinations can encounter freezes/crashes.
    • SoundFonts will be rescanned and the indices updated if a USB storage device is inserted or removed.
    • USB storage devices must be FAT32 formatted.
    • MT-32 ROMs must be located under a roms directory on the root of the device.
    • SoundFonts must be located under a soundfonts directory on the root of the device.
    • Only one USB storage device is supported at a time.
    • The SoundFont index continues counting after the last SD card SoundFont index. If there are no SoundFonts on the SD card, the first USB storage SoundFont starts at index zero.
    • Special thanks to @rsta2 for providing important USB driver fixes and mmmonkey Pete for donating a Raspberry Pi 3B for testing!
  • Ability to set master volume gain and reverb gain for mt32emu (new configuration file options).


  • Update to circle-stdlib v15.6/Circle Step 43.3.
  • Update to inih r53.
  • Update to FluidSynth v2.1.8.
  • Update ARM toolchains to 10.2-2020.11.
  • Config file options are now case-insensitive.
  • The usb configuration option has been moved to the [system] section. Please update your configuration file if you use this option.


  • Large files mistakenly placed in the roms directory could cause mt32-pi to crash on startup (issue #93).


  • Old ROM loading behavior now removed. If you have MT32_CONTROL.ROM/MT32_PCM.ROM files in the root of your SD card, please move them to the roms subdirectory otherwise they will fail to load.
  • Unused USB drivers removed (kernel size reduced).
  • Unused C standard library functions now removed by linker (kernel size reduced).

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