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MiSTer FPGA - mt32-pi v0.11.0


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  • Support for the new Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W.
    • You must update config.txt, otherwise the Zero 2 W will boot the 32-bit Raspberry Pi 2 kernel, which will result in lower performance.
    • This model requires new boot firmware and Wi-Fi firmware - make sure you update bootcode.bin, fixup*.dat, start*.elf, and the contents of the firmware directory.
    • PWM audio is available on GPIO pins 12/13 for this model.
  • Experimental embedded FTP server for performing updates/config changes without replacing the SD card (new configuration file options).
    • This FTP server is a very basic implementation which DOES NOT feature any kind of transport layer security/encryption. Therefore, you should NOT enable this feature on a public network or expose the Raspberry Pi to the Internet.
    • The FTP server is disabled by default.
  • Support for Yamaha MU-series SysEx text messages, and bitmap messages when using a graphical display.


  • Update to circle-stdlib v15.10/Circle Step 44.3.
  • Update ARM toolchains to 10.3-2021.07.
  • Update to libmt32emu v2.5.3.
  • Update to FluidSynth v2.2.4.
  • The default FluidSynth polyphony value has been reduced from 256 to 200 to account for the lower out-of-the-box performance of the Pi Zero 2 W.
    • For the vast majority of use cases, this will have no noticable difference.
    • If you prefer, a +200MHz overclock can be applied to the Zero 2 W match the performance of the Raspberry Pi 3B (1.2GHz), in which case you can use the original higher polyphony value of 256. Commented-out example of how to do this is now provided in config.txt.
    • Heatsink/cooling recommended to ensure stability if you decide to do the above.


  • "WiFi disconnected!" would be shown on the LCD when Ethernet was disconnected.
  • The SoundFont loading "spinner" was broken since v0.10.0.

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