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MiSTer FPGA - mt32-pi v0.11.1


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  • Implemented RNFR/RNTO (file/directory renaming) in the FTP server.
  • Support for SSD1312 OLED displays via new horizontal mirroring configuration file option - thanks @nikitalita!


  • Update to libmt32emu v2.6.1.
    • This update adds support for MT-32 ROM versions 2.06, 2.07 and CM-32LN ROM version 1.00 (CM-32LN is untested).
  • Update to FluidSynth v2.2.5.
  • MT-32 LCD emulation replaced with new libmt32emu v2.6+ display emulation.
  • FluidSynth's master volume gain is now an effects profile setting and can be overridden on a per-SoundFont basis (issue #248). Thanks to @c0d3h4x0r for the suggestion!


  • A bug in the config file reader (unterminated string) could cause the last entry in the file to be read as a corrupted value if the file ended without a newline.
  • Some FTP commands could work without being logged in.
  • Some DAC accessories which make use of a hardware "mute" pin (e.g. Adafruit I²S Audio Bonnet) could be held in a muted state due to a conflict with the Blokas Pisound driver's probing routine (issue #233). The driver now resets these GPIO pins to the initial power-on state, which should fix this issue. Thanks to @htamas2 for the report!
  • Sudden loud noise caused by switching SoundFonts whilst receiving MIDI data (issue #247). Any note-on messages received whilst busy switching SoundFonts are now discarded. Thanks to @c0d3h4x0r for the report!

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