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Switch - sys-botbase Screen on/off, single-command sequential button presses, sys info requests, token cancels + 12.0.0 support


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This version is compiled with the latest libnx and once again allows use of the virtual controller.
The home button will now glow if docked to your switch on startup to notify you sys-botbase is ready to accept requests.

Additionally, it has the following new commands:

- clickSeq <sequence> eg clickSeq A,W1000,B,W200,DUP,W500,DD,W350,%5000,1500,W2650,%0,0 (some params don't parse correctly, such as DDOWN so use the alt)
- clickCancel
- touchCancel
- screenOff
- screenOn
- charge

Both screenOff and screenOn change the screen's IsScanning state. They are especially useful if you are running always-on bots that would benefit from slightly less power use.
charge will return the current battery charge percentage as an integer between 0-100.

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