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Switch - sys-botbase Multi-peek commands and a few QOL updates


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The following commands were added:

- peekMulti
- peekMainMulti
- peekAbsoluteMulti
- controllerType

Multi commands are the same as their non-multi counterparts, and have the added benefit of accepting an array of addresses and sizes split by spaces, and return a sequential concat stream of bytes of all data that was looked up.

controllerType allows configuration of the controller from the default pro controller to other controllers, such as a single joy-con, ring-con, etc. Useful if you're writing a bot for something that requires a different controller, such as an LGPE bot. This must be configured to a HidDeviceType

The amount of memory allocated by sys-botbase is now also reduced, and the backlight will now turn off when using the screenOff command.

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