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PS4 - 4PT Version 2.00 [MAJOR RELEASE]


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Major Changes:

  • Added SSL(https) Support
  • 4PT now loads the app information from the PKG itself, if the pkg is not available, pkg is not shown
  • Fixed text, it now looks much more smoother
  • Downloads can now be paused, resumed (even if the connection had dropped or the app had been closed)
  • All .pkg located in /user/app/ are shown on the downloads tab
  • 4PT now automatically updates itself, migrates files to new update

Minor changes:

  • We verify that the PKG is a .pkg file before loading it
  • Added Splash Screen
  • Title ID is shown next to the package name
  • PKG Size now shown before downloading
  • URLs are now verified against regex
  • Now it is not possible to add a repo twice
  • If the pkg is a DLC or Patch, shows text where it says what it is.
  • If an update is available, display accordingly
  • If an app is installed, display accordingly
  • Added Sound Effects

Minor bug fixes:

  • Tweaked tab view icons to make them smoother
  • Repo.yml should now only contain pkg title and location.
  • Fixed Bug that would delete default IMGs from sources folder.
  • Fixed Bug that would cause the app to crash when loading a non-properly formatted YAML file.

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