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PS4 - PS4-Store STORE Version: 2.1-V-2021-12-26T00:15:33 (including hotfix)

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  • The controllers option button is now the exit button it is recommended you only close the app with that button
  • Ability to set default PS4 Home menu in Store Settings
  • Itemzflow Daemon
  • Added Support for Ext HDDs
  • App Meta and Encrypted Trophy Dumper fix by @znullptr
  • Other fixes
  • Fixed an SFO bug
  • Switched to Orbisdev's user_mem_sys lib
  • Added IPC code for the daemon
  • New Dumper paths, the rest is still the same
|--> meta (pkg metadata)
|--> binaries (decrypted app bins)
|--> Trophy (has all the trophies)
  • Added Stack protection

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