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MiSTer Updates & Changelog • Re: MiSTer updates and changelog


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- Updated framework (adaptive scanlines, shadow mask, 64-phase filter, etc).

Updates from Flandango:
New M99 Rom Header for easier loading of multi part cartridges.
Separated System Roms/Groms and DSRs from cartridge roms.
SAMS Support up to 1Meg.
Can now load Carts with roms up to 32Megs.
Tipi support via User IO port.
PCode System Support.
Cassette tape support via the ADC/Audio Out
Further implementation of the TMS9901 along with timer.
Added new Python scripts to help with generating new M99 roms.
Added 3rd Disk option.
Updates to floppy drive subsystem and Minimem's NVRAM handling to utilize latest framework.
Mechatronics Mouse support via Joystick port. To utilize joysticks, disable mouse in OSD.
Joystick emulation via mouse (use trackball/mouse for Centipede)
Can READ/WRITE to DSDD 40/80 track floppy images with appropriate DSR
Updated Readme and createSystemRoms tool

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