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Switch - TegraExplorer tsv3 beta 3

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This build is intended for developers and such. For regular users, use the latest stable (3.0.6) release

This is the 3rd milestone build for tsv3. Docs have been written, the only part left is re-writing old scripts. If you need any help converting your old tsv2 scripts to tsv3, please join my discord

Highlights of this release:

  • Docs!
  • Add misc script functions
  • Fix some bugs

Highlights of beta 2

  • All functions are implemented
  • Some bugs related to line counts were fixed
  • Test scripts are removed
  • A script compressor was added for builtin scripts (thanks @bleck9999 )
  • Add a SCRIPT_ONLY define to exclude all menu's of TE, so more scripts can fit in
  • Fix makefile for linux & github actions

Highlights of beta 1

  • Embedded scripts
  • tsv3!
  • Save management via ts (firmware dumping script now displays the firmware version)
  • Scripts put in sd:/tegraexplorer/scripts will show up in the main menu now

Scripts for tegrascript v1 or v2 will not work on this release!

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