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Switch - TegraExplorer Tegrascript v3


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This release implements the 3rd iteration of TegraScript. The big new features are save management and members. See the docs for all the juicy details. TegraScript v2 scripts are not compatible!


  • TegraScript v3!
  • Embedded scripts!
  • The firmware dump script has been replaced by an embedded script, which also shows the actual firmware version now!
  • A System wipe (factory reset) script is also embedded into TegraExplorer now
  • Scripts put in sd:/TegraExplorer/scripts now show up in the main menu
  • Compiling with the SCRIPT_ONLY define will allow you to embed more scripts due to more space
  • Probably more that i forgot

This release wouldn't have been possible without the help of @bleck9999 and @maddiethecafebabe. Big thanks to them!

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