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Switch - NX-hbmenu v3.1.0


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  • Display network status.
  • Added support for loading {filename}.nacp similar to {filename}.jpg, when processing files for fileassoc.
  • Added support for starring files/directories, these are displayed at the start of the menu listing.
  • Display "Applet Mode" indicator when running under an applet, in order to help users who are inadvertently running homebrew in applet mode and therefore experiencing otherwise hard to troubleshoot problems.
  • Display the hbloader version.
  • Fixed slowdown due to drawing too many menu entries.
  • Improved netloader perf.
  • Fixed a buffer overflow during netloader transfer due to not checking the chunksize (6c84575).
  • Fixed netloader issue with large-chunksize, due to the chunksize field being partly uninitialized.
  • Built with libnx stable v2.4.0.
  • Further improvements to overall system stability and other minor adjustments to enhance the user experience.

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