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Switch - MissionControl 0.5.0

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This is the seventh official release of Mission Control

Finally, 12.x.x firmwares are fully supported, including pairing of Wii/WiiU controllers. This release builds upon the features and bugfixes of the previous pre-releases, including additional supported controllers, initial rumble support, a global module config .ini file and much more. See below for the full changelog.

Rumble support is available for the major console controllers from Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony and is enabled by default. Please note that while rumble works without issue for the supported controllers, it is considered a work in progress with room for improvement. Do not expect the vibrations to be perfect reproductions of the HD rumble found in Switch controllers. It can be disabled globally via the config ini file if you don't like it. This will not affect official Switch controllers.

Note: after some discussion with other devs, the location used in the pre-releases for the module config .ini has been changed to sdmc:/config/MissionControl/missioncontrol.ini to be more consistent with other homebrew projects.

New users landing on this release page should first check out the readme on the main project page for the official project documentation. There you can find installation and usage instructions along with an FAQ section that will answer most of your questions.

A special shoutout to @Banz99 who took interest in the developtment of the project recently and has assisted in identifying and resolving several issues, discussing new ideas, and helped reignite my enthusiasm for working on the project after a few rough months.

Atmosphère >= 0.19.5 is required to run this release.


  • Added support for the following controllers
    • Razer Raiju Tournament
    • Gamesir T1s
    • 8BitDo SN30 Pro Xbox Cloud Gaming Edition
    • Mad Catz C.T.R.L.R for Samsung
    • Steelseries Stratus Duo
    • iCade controller
    • LanShen X1Pro
    • AtGames Legends Pinball controller
  • Added full support for 12.0.0 firmware
  • Added ips patches for all 12.x.x firmwares to relax device class checks added in 12.0.0. This allows ipega and several other controllers that advertise themselves as keyboards or other input devices to pair once again.
  • Added ips patches for all 12.x.x firmwares to make Wii/WiiU and other controllers that use legacy pincode pairing work again
  • Added initial rumble support for selected major console controllers
  • Added a global module configuration ini file
  • Added support for spoofing the Bluetooth host adapter name and address
  • Added support for Sony Dualsense player LEDs/lightbar colour and battery level reporting (thanks @Hydr8gon)
  • Added support for the old Xbox One controller report format. Updating controller firmware is no longer a requirement for correct mapping of controls.
  • Added support for an alternative report format for Mocute 050 controllers on certain firmware revisions
  • Added a configuration option to disable the LED lightbar on Sony Dualshock4 and Dualsense controllers.
  • Button combos for Home and Capture buttons are now also applied to official Nintendo controllers. Note that currently the console will ignore the combos for buttons that are not supposed to be present on the controller (eg. home button on left joycon, capture button on right)
  • Fixed a bug caused by passing invalid analog stick factory calibration data for emulated controllers. This bug affected the scaling of analog stick data for all controllers to some degree, but was most noticeable for Xbox One controllers, where the stick values would max out when the stick was only around 60-70% tilted.
  • Added delays between reading/writing controller memory when initialising Wii controller extensions. This should make detection of extension controllers more reliable for people who were experiencing issues.
  • Reduced default reporting rate of Dualshock4 controller from 1000Hz to 125Hz to match Switch Pro Controller. This resolves an issue where using a Dualshock4 controller could seriously degrade wifi performance and caused issues with LAN play.
  • SetTsi command is now only blocked from being sent to controllers where it is known to create issues (currently Xbox One and Gamesir controllers). This resolves an issue where a Dualshock4 controller connected alongside an official Nintendo controller would experience significant jitter, rendering it unsuitable for rhythm games. Blocking this command may also have played a part in the wifi issues mentioned above.
  • Fixed a bug where some wiimote buttons could not be pressed with an extension controller connected.
  • Fixed a bug where Xiaomi controllers would always show low or empty battery levels.
  • Improved accuracy of battery level reporting in general.
  • Dropped custom fork of libnx now that all relevant changes have been upstreamed. The libnx submodule now points to the official master branch, and at the time of writing Mission Control can be built with the official release from devkitPro without the need to compile it yourself.
  • Removed call to CheckApiVersion function. This was intended for internal Atmosphere usage and was one of the major reasons Mission Control would often require an update after a new Atmosphere release.
  • Updated to use new sf semantics introduced in Atmosphere 0.18.0
  • Updated to use latest libstratosphere. This reduces the size of the module by almost 50%
  • Added git branch, commit hash and tagged version when generating .zip file for distribution

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