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Switch - MissionControl 0.6.0


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This is the ninth official release of Mission Control

This release brings full support for firmware 13.0.0, along with a few minor additions and bugfixes. See the changelog below for details.

New users landing on this release page should first check out the readme on the main project page for the official project documentation. There you can find installation and usage instructions along with an FAQ section that will answer most of your questions.

Note: 13.0.0 firmware made changes to the system to facilitate bluetooth audio support. While I have updated Mission Control to support the changes that concern hid devices, it's possible that there are issues that could arise from untested scenarios involving audio devices. If you notice any strange behaviour with audio devices that only occurs with mission control installed, please open an issue on the issue tracker.

Atmosphère >= 1.1.0 is required to run this release.

Important notice for users of Xbox One controllers

With news of a new insiders firmware update to bring next-gen features to existing Xbox One controllers, it may be tempting to download and install the firmware when it becomes available to you. From what I can tell from the linked news article and some intial reports, this update may configure your controller to use Bluetooth LE for connections instead of the current classic Bluetooth, effectively converting it into a Series S/X controller. This means your controller will likely be rendered incompatible with Mission Control until I am able to add Bluetooth LE support. You have been warned.


  • Added full support for 13.0.0 firmware.
  • Added bluetooth ips patches for 13.0.0.
  • The /config/MissionControl/controllers directory is now created as required if not present. This avoids potential crashes eg. if the user has deleted this directory, or has failed to install the module correctly.
  • Fixed potential incorrect battery level and report charging status for Wii U Pro Controller. (Thanks @GaryOderNichts)
  • External power/USB status is now set for controllers known to report it.
  • Xbox One controllers now report full battery when powered via USB, instead of the zero value reported by the controller.

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