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Switch - MissionControl 0.6.1


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This is the tenth official release of Mission Control.

Just a small update to add support for the latest HOS (13.1.0) and Atmosphère (1.2.1) versions, and a couple of minor fixes. See below for the full changelog.

Valid analog stick deadzone parameters are now stored in virtual SPI flash file for each controller. This resolves an issue reported by several users where some controllers were experiencing analog stick drift even after calibration due to incorrect deadzone parameters being applied. Please delete the controller entries under sdmc:/config/MissionControl/controllers/ so that these files can be recreated with the correct parameters. Note that you will need to redo any user calibrations after deleting these entries.

Support for manually disabling a vendor command (SetTsi) for incompatible controllers has been added. Allowing the console to send the command to such controllers causes them to be disconnected shortly after connecting. In most cases, sending of this command can be disabled in code after the incompatibility has been reported. Some incompatible third-party controllers, however, are indistinguishable from the originals that do support the command and must be flagged manually. To do so, a blank file settsi_disable.flag can be created under the directory for a specific controller under sdmc:/config/MissionControl/controllers/<controller address>. Note that this command is used for managing bandwidth between bluetooth devices and also the Wifi chip. It is therefore desirable to have the console send it where possible and should only be disabled where absolutely necessary.

New users landing on this release page should first check out the readme on the main project page for the official project documentation. There you can find installation and usage instructions along with an FAQ section that will answer most of your questions.

Atmosphère >= 1.2.0 is required to run this release.

Important notice for users of Xbox One controllers

It has been confirmed that the new Xbox Insiders controller firmware update will convert your controller to use Bluetooth LE, which is not currently supported. Please do not update if you wish to continue using your controller with Mission Control


  • Added bluetooth ips patches for 13.1.0.
  • Updated module for libstratosphere refactor (thanks @SciresM)
  • Added valid deadzone information to virtual SPI flash files (thanks @Banz99).
  • Added means of manually disabling sending of SetTsi vendor command to controllers that don't support it.

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