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Switch - NSTool v1.7.0


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NSTool is a general purpose reading/extraction tool for Nintendo Switch file formats.

Supported File Formats

  • PartitionFs (PFS0) (.pfs0)
  • Sha256PartitionFs (HFS0) (.hfs0)
  • RomFs (.romfs)
  • Nintendo Content Archive (.nca)
  • Nintendo Submission Package (.nsp)
  • NX GameCard Image (.xci)
  • Meta (META) (.npdm)
  • Nintendo Application Control Property (.nacp)
  • Content Metadata (.cnmt)
  • ES Certificate (.cert)
  • ES Ticket (v2 only) (.tik)
  • Nintendo Shared Object (NSO0) (.nso)
  • Nintendo Relocatable Object (NRO0) (.nro)
  • Initial Program Bundle (INI1) (.ini)
  • Initial Program (KIP1) (.kip)

Change Log since v1.6.6

  • [NEW] NCA Patch Support! Thanks to @sagumamugas for implementing this. (Addresses #64)
    • CLI option --basenca was added, a required option when trying to extract/view Patch NCA.
  • [BugFix] Fixes bug where partial block reads at the end of a file could cause verification/extraction to fail (#85). Thanks @sagumamugas
  • [BugFix] Fixes regression where empty RomFs files halted extraction (#83)

Full Changelog: v1.6.6...v1.7.0-r2

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