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Switch - SysDVR Version 6.0

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Hello people and happy new year. This is the first major release of SysDVR in a while.

TLDR ; it finaly brings the much requested Android support as well as full cross platform feature parity with a new GUI that works on all the supported operating systems. Furthermore there are many improvements and internal fixes making this hopefully the most user friendly release of SysDVR to date.

This release is a major rewrite of the client, while I tried to test all the new features, I expect to see a few bugs especially on the platforms I couldn't test on my own. In case of issues open a bug report on gihtub.

The guide has been updated to the latest version.


Full changelog:

  • SysDVR Client now comes with a completely rewritten cross-platform GUI, no matter what operating system you're using you will get the new user interface, there is no more need to use the command line
    • However, the command line interface is still available and mostly compatible with the previous syntax. Note that some features were dropped, you can run SysDVR-Client --help to see the new commands.
  • SysDVR Client is now available for Android
    • The android version only supports Android 10 and later only on devices with a 64-bit version of Android. This limits compatibility with older smart TVs and chromecasts but it's an unfortunate limitation of dotnet.
    • As of 6.0, SysDVR Client is only distributed on this GitHub page, any reupload on the play store or other stores is not official and you should not download it.
  • The new GUI supports capturing video clips and screenshots in real-time
  • Introduced support for local network discovery
    • The client is able to detect consoles in your local network and connect to them, no more typing IP addresses !
    • The protocol is also completely documented on this repo in case you want to build your own client
  • SysDVR Client is now built as a native app, this means it will just work™ without the need of installing dotnet
    • Starting with this update you will need to download the exact release for your operating system and CPU architecture
    • For architectures not covered here (most notably raspberry pi and windows on arm) you can download the old-style cross platform build called SysDVR-Client-dotnet.7z and configure dotnet 8 and the needed native libraries on your own, there is a relevant section in the guide.
  • Some client features were dropped during the rewrite, depending on requests from users they may be rentintroduced in future updates, in particular, the following features are no longer available:
    • Streaming to other players using the --stdout and --mpv options
    • Relaying the stream with the --rtsp option on the client. The on-console RTSP server "Simple network mode" is still available.
    • Command line video recording with the --file option
  • Multiple fixes for bugs reported by users:
    • Fixed video recording not working on linux
    • Fixed audio not working on mac os
    • Added an alternative audio output option for Windows computers where audio would not work

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