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Emulation - RetroDECK v0.6.2b

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Release Notes

  • Persistent configurations when updating RetroDECK, this means your custom configurations should be saved across future versions. (We also laid groundwork for dynamic persistent configurations, more on that in a future update. This is the reason why it has taken quite long to fix this).
  • Added Primehack controller profiles for both Xbox and Nintendo button layouts
  • Added a warning when running RetroDECK in desktop mode, as not all controls will work properly.
  • Added CLI for CHD compression (chdman) of single games
  • Reworked CLI commands and added safety y/n confirmations for the reset arguments.
  • New structure for more easy access to various tools
  • The power user prompt only needs to be answered once
  • Added tool to do CHD compression (chdman) of single games (multi-game batch compression coming in a future update)
  • Added tool to check for common BIOS files
  • Added tool to check for common multi-file game structure issues
  • Fixed Primehack initial configuration as it was broken (will automatically reset the emulator just this once)
  • Fixed Duckstation initial configuration as it was broken (will require user-performed reset just this once)
  • Fixed Pico-8 initial configuration as it was broken.
  • Fixed Pico-8 dual bios folders. The program files pico8_dyn,pico8.dat and pico8 have to be manually moved to the correct location~/retrodeck/bios/pico-8/. The old ~/retrodeck/bios/pico8/ is renamed ~/retrodeck/bios/pico8_olddata/ to avoid confusion on where to put files. After the files have moved the pico8_olddata folder can be deleted.
  • Fixed a bug that made the Dolphin RetroArch core not working properly (the standalone version of Dolphin always worked and is the default)
  • Various backend fixes
  • Updated all Emulators, RetroArch and libreretro cores. (PLEASE NOTE! ES-DE was not updated to version 2.0, this will be done in the next version of RetroDECK as we need more time to work on the new theme format).

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