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Switch - Breeze-Beta beta85


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Branch_to search in ASM explorer

The first time when "Branch_to above" or "Branch_to below" is activated a search is perform on the code space for B and BL instruction. After the search when a code is the destination of a B or BL you will see {D} where D is the number of code that B or BL to this address

Branch_to above

This button move to the branch to target that is above the current cursor position

Branch_to below

This button move to the branch to target that is below the current cursor position

Goto Source

This button let you jump to the source when the cursor is place on the code that is the target of branch to

bflip search mode

[A bflip B] will search for the bit flip between previous and current that is the same as from A to B, get to this mode with the "RANGE type" button. Many game use simple scrambling that is just a XOR of the actual value with a key, this search will help you find it. Perform unknown search then bflip search for faster narrow down of candidate list.


If this file is found in \breeze directory an additional url will be check for cheat file, the file should have the url with {BID} and {TID} which will be replace with the actual BID and TID of the file. {bid} is {BID} in lower case

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