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GameCube - Swiss v0.6r1562


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@emukidid committed:

  • Fix navigating up a dir with X on ISO9660 discs

@Extrems committed:

  • Further optimize writing through FAT cache.
  • Invalidate cache page on read error.
  • Update Redump database.
  • Fix IDCT bug in early THP library.
  • Make GC Loader HW2 1.0.0 ineligible as patch device.
  • Report CUBEODE as "GC Loader compatible".
  • Use disc read commands after fragment setup to test the waters.
  • Initialize device handler structs better.
  • Keep track of certain GC Loader quirks.
  • Adjust for libogc2 changes.
  • Fix it for real, kind of.
  • Only display DVD game entry in root directory.
  • Improve Wii detection somewhat.
  • Update No-Intro database.
e9aab90d2545d1c73c6a7f3fa8d042e788e439ab0d096cd4f39fe8a0fa4122ef  NKit_v1.4.20231224.zip
906c5aee6e2695eb9e0f389f0e758680214a10bccd378a2d4e20339ea937cb30  swiss_r1562.7z
97a45b57800c40a417b0eb05ff2e966cd85f62c9f8f824d52028fe98ebfa95d4  swiss_r1562.tar.xz

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