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Vita - RetroFlow-Launcher Version 5.0


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  • No longer need to rename PSP games - PSP and PS1 game titles are now extracted from iso, cso and pbp files.
  • Extract PSP background images - New option to extract PSP background images from iso files rather than downloading in-game screenshots.
  • New loading screen - Progress bar added to loading / scanning screen.
  • New help section - Replaced the 'About' screen with a help section for general setup etc. (Also now fully translated). Press start then triangle to view the help section.
  • Adrenaline - Added support for ur0, imc0 and xmc0 partitions.
  • New Control - DPad Down + Square: Go back one category.
  • New Control - DPad Down + L/R triggers: Skip games alphabetically.
  • New Languages - Dutch, Danish, Finnish, Norwegian, Turkish, Korean, Chinese (Simplified).


  • Language - Operating system language is checked the first time the app is opened and a matching language is set if available.
  • Language - Additional fonts added for Korean, traditional and simplified Chinese.
  • Renaming - When renaming a game, RetroFlow will now check for the cover and update if found.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed issue when downloading a single cover, the custom cover would be removed.
  • Search and rename keyboard set to latin, as non latin characters don't seem to be supported.


  • PS1 and PSP titles will change as the names are now coming from the game's sfo files rather than a database lookup.
  • You can rename titles within the app if there's some you want to change.


  • If you would like to contribute to improving translations, please submit an issue or pull request.


If you encounter a bug, please try the new pre-release v5.0.1. If it's still not resolved, please raise an issue. Thanks

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