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Vita - Nightly


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Rolling updates and bug fixes


  • Any nightly updates will be shown here. Releases are up to date.


v6.1.1 released
-2023-11-15: v6.1.1 released

-2023-10-29: Bug fix: Fixed issue where custom covers were not showing for PSM games.

-2023-07-13: Bug fix: Startup scan on: Adrenaline, Retroarch PS1 and ScummVM games weren't being updated.
-2023-07-13: Improvement: Updated French translations thanks to chronoss09

-2023-05-21: New: Setting to turn off 2D views. Available in theme settings.
-2023-05-21: New: Setting to turn off changing views (locking the current view). Available in theme settings.
-2023-05-21: Bug fix: Some settings were not being read properly.
-2023-05-21: Bug fix: Fixed issue where changing background images in the theme settings could cause a slow down.

v6.1.0 released
-2023-05-15: Bug fix: Fixes issue where homebrew was imported when using the favourites feature. -2023-05-15: Improvement: Analogue scroll added to menus.

-2023-05-10: New: 3D views aren't for everyone, I've added a 2D List view and also a 2D Side-scrolling view, both display scaled images instead of 3D models. Screenshots here.
-2023-05-10: Improvement: Default colours and background changed to be more neutral using greys.
-2023-05-10: New: More wallpaper background images added, they will be copied over to the user data folder. Credit to Tech & ALL.
-2023-05-10: Bug fix: Some PS1 RetroArch games were imported twice, with the second appearing as 'Eboot' in the game list.

-2023-04-26: Improvement: CHD extension support added for RetroArch PS1 core.

-2023-04-25: Bug fix: Homebrew titles duplicated if adding/removing homebrew to favourites.
-2023-04-25: Improvement: Polish translations improved, thanks to SK00RUPA.
-2023-04-25: Improvement: Background image sizing improved, thanks to Axce.
-2023-04-25: Bug fix: Background image position fixed for one of the game views, thanks to Axce.

-2023-04-22: Nightly version released as v6.00

v6.0.0 released
-2023-04-19: Fix: Adrenaline driver overrides not being honoured.

-2023-04-17: Improvement: Added check to see if a collection file already exists when creating a new one. If so add a number on the end e.g. Racing (1), otherwise would overwrite. (Update for nightly).

-2023-04-15: New: Smooth scrolling of covers added, much thanks to Axce. Smooth scrolling can be turned off by going to the theme settings.

-2023-04-14: Bug fix: Changing the category after a search would show collections shown regardless of settings (Fix for nightly).
-2023-04-14: Bug fix: The search results category is now emptied when changing the category.

-2023-04-13: Bug fix: Fixed 'file_settings' error saving when pressing buttons repeatedly very quickly.

-2023-04-11: Improvement: French translation corrections, much thanks to Axce.

-2023-04-10: New: Portuguese (Brazilian) language added, big thanks to dariofflima for the translation.
-2023-04-10: Improvement: Languages ordered alphabetically.
-2023-04-10: Bug fix: Homebrew is now shown in collections and recent category when the show homebrew category is off.

-2023-04-02: Bug fix: Renaming a game without a cover, the missing cover would then be incorrect.
-2023-04-02: Improvement: PSTV devices - Battery icon and percentage removed.

-2023-04-01: New: Filter categories to only show collections by pressing D-Pad Up.
-2023-04-01: New: Jump to the recently played / favourites category by pressing D-Pad Up.
-2023-04-01: New: Option to hide games with missing covers. Go to the main settings menu 'Other settings > Show missing covers'. The first time you do this it may rescan.
-2023-04-01: New: Support added for portrait Japanese N64 and SNES boxes (delete your old N64 and SNES covers and download again).
-2023-04-01: Improvement: Cassette tape boxes now appear larger in their own categories.
-2023-04-01: Improvement: Box art is now handled differently, the image size is checked and the closest box is assigned (adding your own covers should give better results).
-2023-04-01: Bug fix: Fixed error with bad PSP/PS1 game titles which contained double quotes. (PES C19 fix).

-2023-03-22: Bug fix: Deleting the last title in Favorites causes the application to crash (Update for nightly).
-2023-03-22: Bug fix: 'All category" always displayed (Update for nightly).
-2023-03-22: Bug fix: PSP favourites not being added to favourites when rescanning (Update for nightly).
-2023-03-22: Bug fix: PSP background extract: Fixed C2-12828-1, images are no longer displayed when extracting.
-2023-03-22: New known issue: PSP extract will skips games after around 150 games, needs to be re-run to get more images (issue with onelua).
-2023-03-22: Bug fix: PSP background extract: Fixed C2-12828-1, bg0 and bg no longer extracted (Update for nightly).
-2023-03-22: Bug fix: Vita background extract: Fixed C2-12828-1 (Update for nightly).

-2023-03-15: Bug fix: Fixed issue where a corrupt game in 'pspemu/PSP/GAME' could make the scan unresponsive.

-2023-03-13: Improvement: PSP image extraction only gets missing images. I found I wasn't using the feature as it extracting every game image each time, this is more useable. If you have screenshots, they will be kept.
-2023-03-13: Update to extract Vita images bin: modules relocated to RetroFlow data folder.

-2023-03-12: Bug fix: Removing PSP from recent, dynamic mini menu fix (Update for nightly)
-2023-03-12: New: Option to extract Vita background images. Achieved by integrating a modified version of copyicons by cy33hc. The normal functions of copyicons are also performed.
-2023-03-12: New: Option to extract PICO-8 background images (uses the image in the centre of the game cart).
-2023-03-12: Bug fix: Fixed error when deleting a collection when it is set as the start category. (Update for nightly)
-2023-03-12: Updated translations for Hungarian and Polish, big thanks to dagadtwok and SK00RUPA.

-2023-03-11: New: Added support for custom categories (called 'Collections'). You can create a collection by pressing the triangle button on a game and pressing the triangle button again to bring up the mini menu.
Collections can be renamed/deleted by going to the main settings menu 'Other settings > Edit collections'.
-2023-03-11: New: ScummVM game support added
-2023-03-11: New: Pico8 game support added
-2023-03-11: Improvement: PS Mobile games category moved to be after PS1 instead of being the last category (Update for nightly).

-2023-02-26: Bug fix: Adding PSM games to favourites. (Update for nightly)

-2023-02-22: Bug fix: Fixed an error caused by some FBA game names.
-2023-02-22: Improvement: Updated Hungarian translations. (Update for nightly)

-2023-02-13: Improvement: Updated eboot to get short app titles from sfo files. (Update for nightly)

-2023-02-12: Bug fix: Search results showing recent category. (Fix for nightly)
-2023-02-12: Bug fix: Fixed close app prompt when launching a game when you have a large library of games. (New eboot thanks to Rinne). (Fix for nightly)

-2023-02-11: New: Option to include Adrenaline games from all available partitions. (This is now the default setting).
-2023-02-11: Bug fix: PlayStation Mobile skipping empty category fix. (Fix for nightly)

-2023-02-04: Improvement: Improved game reflections, small gap removed.

-2023-01-28: New: Hungarian translation added, thanks to dagadtwok
-2023-01-28: Improvement: Minor text alignment changes on the game info screen.

-2023-01-24: Bug fix: Added directory check for psm folder before scanning.
-2023-01-24: Bug fix: Hidden games showing when rescan, overall approach revised.

-2023-01-22: New: PlayStation Mobile support added

-2023-01-19: Bug fix: Existence of hidden games checked before import
-2023-01-19: Improvement: Only app folders with 9 characters imported, removes duplicates or manually backed-up / renamed folders.
-2023-01-19: Improvement: System exit added after executeUri

-2023-01-18: Improvement: Updated launch methods, removed dependency on repatch plugin and launch bin files.

-2023-01-16: Improvement: Updated Polish translations

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