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Pocket - Pocket Updater Utility CLI Parameters redesign


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Finally sat down to re-write how all the cli params work, using verbs. menu is the default verb, so it's optional.

  menu                 (Default Verb) Interactive Main Menu
    -p, --path    	    Absolute path to install location

  fund                 List sponsor links. Lists all if no core is provided
    -c, --core               The core to check funding links for
  update               Run update all. (Can be configured via the settings menu)
    -p, --path               Absolute path to install location
    -c, --core               The core you want to update. Runs for all otherwise
    -f, --platformsfolder    Preserve the Platforms folder, so customizations aren't overwritten by updates.

  assets               Run the asset downloader
    -p, --path               Absolute path to install location
    -c, --core               The core you want to download assets for.

  firmware             Check for Pocket firmware updates
    -p, --path               Absolute path to install location

  images               Download image packs
    -p, --path               Absolute path to install location
    -o, --owner              Image pack repo username
    -i, --imagepack          Github repo name for image pack
    -v, --variant            The optional variant

  instancegenerator    Run the instance JSON generator
    -p, --path               Absolute path to install location

  help                 Display more information on a specific command.

  version              Display version information.


/path/to/pocket_updater -p /path/to/sdcard/

/path/to/pocket_updater update -c boogermann.bankpanic

/path/to/pocket_updater assets -c jotego.jtcontra

/path/to/pocket_updater images -i pocket-platform-images -o dyreschlock -v home

What's Changed

Full Changelog: 2.32.2...2.33.0

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