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Switch - NeXT 2.12


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If you are new with NeXT, Welcome! Please take a look to the README of this repo for detailed instructions

For issues related with this release pls hit me on my Discord

In this release:


  • Atmosphere -> 1.2.6 + Sigpatches (13.2.1 compatible)
  • MissionControl v0.6.4
  • EdiZon v3.1.0
  • ldn_mitm v1.12.0 (Lan Play)
  • Switch AIO Updater
  • Incognito_RCM 0.71 (Support for 13.2.1)


  • Sigpatch Updater


  • None


  • Updater Post-Boot

FYI: All most important patches/hombrew/sys-modules were tested before this public release in order to check compatibility and good functionality of this AIO with the latest system firmware available. But not in all cases the hombrew/sys-modules are updated by their devs at the time of each NeXT release. So keep in mind that by using some non-updated hombrew/sys-modules could cause freeze or crashes on system. Also, Nor me or homebrew devs takes responsability for any bricks or damages to your consoles by using this tools.

Full Changelog: 2.06...2.12

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