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Emulation - WiiSX / CubeSX Beta 3.0


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Back after nearly 13 years with another official release!

What's Changed

  • New dynarec implemented thanks to pcercuei's lightrec.
    • Completely replaces the old dynarec.
    • Greatly increases compatibility and speed.
  • Sync'd with upstream pcsx-ReARMed.
    • Eliminates XA/CDDA slowdown completely on Wii and those titles run at full speed.
  • dfsound audio plugin.
    • Improved sound quality and compatibility.
  • Speed improvements in the soft graphics plugin thanks to tips from @extremscorner
    • Upwards of 15% speed increase across all titles.
  • Compiled with libOGC2
  • SD2SP2 support on GameCube
  • UI bugfixes and memory leaks addressed


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