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Switch - SysDVR Version 5.3

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Note: On 07/05/2022 The usb only build has been replaced to fix a crash on boot issue, if you were affected download it again, the fixed file name has the commit hash c2ba22a.


  • SysDVR-Client is now built with .NET 6, if you're still using .NET 5 you must update.
    • Remember to choose the x64 version if your windows install is 64-bits or it won't work.
    • If after installing it SysDVR can't find it manually fix your PATH environment variable
  • Arm "apple silicon" macs are now supported and should work as expected #166
    • If you previously used SysDVR over rosetta you must install native arm .NET and native arm dependencies with brew, refer to the guide for more info.
  • The USB protocol has been improved, stuttering should be gone now.
    • This means that latest client is not compatible with older sysdvr versions and vice versa, make sure to update the sysmodule on your console and reboot afterwards.
  • Improvements of the video decoding process, the client should use less CPU now.
  • Now it's possible to set the video player title with the --title command line option #170
  • Other minor improvements


If you want to stream incompatible games don't forget to download dvr-patches as well, at the time of writing latest firmware 14.1.1 is supported.

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