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Switch - SysDVR Version 5.5


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This update solves some long-standing stability issues while making it easier to install SysDVR-Client on Windows and Linux.

Full changelog:

  • Completely fixed USB mode crashes and stuck in "switching modes" issues, for real this time.
    • The communication protocol changed, make sure to update both the client on your pc and the sysmodule on your console.
    • After copying the sysmodule reboot your console.
  • On Windows now we use a new WinUSB driver signed by Google.
    • SysDVR will appear as an android device using standard ADB drivers
    • In practice this won't change anything except that now installing drivers is much more streamlined and they come from a more trusted source.
  • Memory usage of the full version of SysDVR has been substantially reduced.
    • In general this means SysDVR should cause less crashes when used with other sysmodules
    • If you were using the usb only version due to memory concerns give the full version another chance.
  • Now SysDVR-Client is also distributed as a flatpak, this should make installing it on linux much easier solving all dependency issues
    • For the time being flatpak support is considered experimental due to limited testing, let me know of any issues
    • Instructions to install the flatpak version have been added to the guide
  • Fix connection issues when in TCP Bridge mode
  • Fix libusb errors on arm macs
  • Minor bug fixes

⚠️ If you used older versions of SysDVR you will have to install the new driver from the GUI. It's a single click process and you will be prompted if needed. On linux you will need to re-create the udev rules. The process is now explained in the guide

The guide has been updated to reflect the changes.

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