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Switch - SysDVR Version 5.5.5

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This release brings fixes for many issues reported by users in previous releases.


  • Fix network mode disconnection issue #226
    • This issue requried increasing the socket buffer sizes so SysDVR now uses more memory than v5.5, unfortunately i couldn't find any way around it, it's still better than 5.4 and previous version but not as good as 5.5.
  • Added a splash screen to replace the white screen shown while connecting
  • Introduce audio/video stream synchronization in the built-in player: SysDVR will automatically attempt to sync the streams to avoid delays
    • The correction delay scales over the number of errors detected, in bad network condition you may feel some delay because the player gives up synchronization to avoid stuttering, opening the home menu at any time will resync the streams.
    • If you encounter stuttering this feature can be disabled in the advanced settings of the GUI or with the command line argument --debug nosync
  • Introduce duplicate keyframe dropping: When SysDVR on the console detects many duplicated packets in a short period of time it will stop sending them to save bandwidth and reduce delay.
    • The effectiveness of this feature depends on the game, since it may cause visual artifacts this feature can be disabled in the advanced settings of the SysDVR-Settings homebrew.
  • Improved scheduling of the video frames in the built-in player: reduces occasional stuttering that was not related to the channel bandwidth.
  • Improved handling of .bat launcher files created by the GUI, now they can be placed everywhere and properly check that the needed paths exist
  • Some command line arguments have changed, in particular the --print-stats option has been renamed to --debug stats

I would like to thank a few people from our discord who do user support and for the thorough testing done on the beta versions of SysDVR that led to this release hopefully squashing all the remaning streaming bugs making the user experience smoother than ever.

Edit: on 02/05/2023 i updated the client binaries to fix an issue when using the record to file feature #228 , if you're affected redownload the client. To confirm the build version right clicking properties and then details on Windows the updated one will show v5.5.1.5

On 05/05/2023 i updated the client zip to fix a warning message that was mistakelny shown on mac os, updated build shows v5.5.2.5, it's just a text issue so no user action is needed.

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