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  • Added support for automatically detecting hidden sections.
    When the "SectionViewDetectHiddenSection" option is enabled, SectionView will automatically force the display of sections that are hidden due to undefined addresses by the system. This feature is currently experimental.
    Automatically detecting hidden sections is done by arranging the existing sections from the smallest Start address to the largest. If the memory addresses of two sections are not contiguous, a new section is automatically added to fill the addresses that are undefined by the system. This detection process is executed when the SectionViewDetectHiddenSection option is enabled in the settings.


  • Added SectionViewDetectHiddenSection, LastHiddenSectionLengthHex, and QuerySectionViewHiddenForeColor options in the Option window.
    • SectionViewDetectHiddenSection:
      Determine whether to enable automatic detection of hidden sections. This is currently an experimental feature. Default disabled.
    • LastHiddenSectionLengthHex:
      Specify the Hex length of the last hidden section. This only takes effect when SectionViewDetectHiddenSection is enabled. Default value is 0x40000000.
    • QuerySectionViewHiddenForeColor:
      Determine the Query SectionView Hidden foreground color.

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