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  • Added the "Auto Refresh Cheat" button in the main window.
    When enabled, it will automatically reload cheat values from the PS4 at intervals defined by the "CheatAutoRefreshTimerInterval" option.
    Note: Running a Query scan simultaneously may significantly reduce the scan speed.

  • Added CheatAutoRefresh, CheatAutoRefreshShowStatus, and CheatAutoRefreshTimerInterval options in the Option window.

    • CheatAutoRefresh:
      Determines whether to enable Auto Refresh in main window. Default disabled.
    • CheatAutoRefreshShowStatus:
      CheatRefresh|Determines whether to display its execution status in the main window when CheatAutoRefresh is enabled. Default disabled.
    • CheatAutoRefreshTimerInterval:
      Determines the Interval of AutoRefreshTimer when AutoRefresh is enabled, in milliseconds. Default 2500.
  • Added support to immediately display the current count of sections in the status bar when the Query window is opened.

  • Improve the execution speed of initializing Sections from the PS4 in SectionTool. Previously, the initialization also triggered InitSectionList simultaneously. Now, InitSectionList is deferred until it is needed.

  • Improved the initialization speed of the SectionView in the Query window, especially when dealing with a large number of sections.

  • Fixed the issue with the ScanTask's stop button causing errors.
    When the ScanTask in the Query window was initiated and the stop button was immediately clicked, the program failed to correctly determine whether the ScanTask was still in progress. This issue has now been fixed.

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