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Switch - NXMP NXMP v0.7.0


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After a long time a new release! This time with a Huge News! HW Decoding!


  • HW Decoding for (H264,HEVC,VP8,MPEG2) up to 4K HDR@30fps thanks to averne for the code
  • Added AV1 Decoder (SW Decoding)
  • Added Network Share Add Menu (you can now add net share from NXMP)
  • Added Context Menu on Network Share Browser (Can Move Up/Down Delete Share)
  • Fixed Docked Mode Visual (now should be nearly the same as Handled Mode)
  • Updated SMB2 lib (should work far better) thanks to averne for the patch
  • Updated libusbhsfs to current master
  • Added support for Images (gif,png,jpg)
  • Removed Win32 port (probably was the only one who use it)
  • Added Power and Dec Stats (with all relevant info)
  • Added a scrolling text into playerWindow controls
  • Changed Battery Icon code (now show percentage also)
  • Added emuoverrides and loglevel into config.ini (emuoverrides exclude some part of code so can be run on emulators)
  • Changed how Battery info is fetched (in a more sane way)
  • Cleanup a bit the messy code (just a bit)
  • Many small changes inside to make things more sane

Known Issues:

  • VP9 is not working right now
  • Themes are not working right now (will be in future releases)

Is a big new release i expect can be some other issues. They will be fixed asap.

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