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GameCube - Swiss v0.6r1534


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@Extrems committed:

  • Add checksum for GC Loader HW2 1.0.1.
  • Update Redump database.
  • Add RAM Disk device.
  • Reorder devices.
  • Minor fixes.
  • Fix boot file hash discrepancies.
  • Accommodate for USB Loader GX/WiiFlow "full" dumps.
  • Add firmware version tracking for GC Loader HW2+.
  • Display game version.
81a13d424fb68b74e7f23d04dbf72c3bc8d12777cc84b77e2c2d5dba8f5089bd  NKit_v1.4.20230903.zip
23ea7272d65cf422068dcd86d0e599cc064be052e056f9019ae6a4e051a7be0b  swiss_r1534.7z
7aaab386a2a94583c8b1380353cd3867718b83084c9ebddfef06d51928339047  swiss_r1534.tar.xz

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