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Ports - DevilutionX 1.5.1


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  • Validate player stats
  • Update the pvp arenas
  • Rename "Loopback" to "Offline"

Stability / Performance / System

  • Move hp/mana display and item graphics to gameplay options
  • Validate properties when reloading items
  • Demomode: Improve replay stability
  • Update Discord link
  • Display save game confirmation
  • Reduce ram usage


  • Update Simplified Chinese translation
  • Update French translation
  • Update German translation
  • Update Greek translation
  • Update Japanese translation
  • Update Korean translation
  • Update Portuguese translation
  • Update Spanish translation
  • Update Swedish translation
  • Update Ukrainian translation



  • Being able to enter Lazarus' chamber before opening the portal
  • Book requirements not updating
  • Some monsters not walking
  • Missiles not traveling the full distance at some angles
  • Diablo: Incorrect level 4 layout when the Magic Banner quest is active
  • Halls of the Blind not being completed by picking up the amulet
  • Shareware: Bucklers not dropping
  • Player animation stuttering


  • Potions dropped by Divine shrines not being synced


  • Linux: Add sdl-image dependency for the deb package
  • Linux: Include discord dependency
  • Xbox One: Missing assets

Graphics / Audio

  • Incorrect cursor rendering
  • Incorrect outlines at the right edge of the screen
  • NPC speech continuing after starting a new game
  • Correct various font rendering issues
  • Hide the hit indicator when only one player is in the game
  • Issues with flashing lights
  • Floating number still appearing after death
  • Misaligned automap


  • Inconsistencies with placing items in to the stash
  • Gamepad: Being stuck in dialogs
  • Gamepad: Unable to use some scrolls directly

Stability / Performance / System

  • Unable to playback new demo files
  • Various crashes

Bugfixes for original Diablo bugs


  • Durability overflowing when reloading items
  • Teleporting onto an occupied tile
  • Right-click during dialogs casts spells

Graphics / Audio

  • Cursor jitter when interacting with the inventory
  • Broken lava tiles


  • Inconsistencies with placing items in to the inventory

Bugfixes for original Hellfire bugs


  • Warping onto a solid tile

Known issues

  • 1.5.0 save games on level 4 with Snot Spill will need to progress the game before updating because of a bug in that version

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