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PC Tools - Retool v2.00.4


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  • Added another level of language selection fallback if you have a language order specified. If Retool finds none of the languages it's looking for in your language order when it compares titles, its next step is to check the language order derived from your region order.

    This is most beneficial for European titles when you're filtering by a language, and want to preference but not filter by other languages. You might want to do this when you want a title that was released in a specific country, but due to No-Intro and Redump naming rules gets assigned to the Europe region.

    For example, if a DAT file has the following titles:

    • Example Title (Europe) (En,Fr,De,It)
    • Example Title (Europe) (En,Es,Pt)

    And you have the following region order:

    1. Europe
    2. Spain
    3. Portugal
    4. France

    And you filter by English and no other language, Retool used to choose Example Title (Europe) (En,Fr,De,It), as it contains English (the only language you specified in your language priority) and has the most languages.

    But given your region order, you've expressed a clear preference for Spanish and Portuguese above French.

    Now because of the new region order language fallback, the language order effectively becomes:

    1. English (explicity in the language filter, and also the implied language for Europe)
    2. Spanish
    3. Portuguese
    4. French

    You still only get titles that support English because of the filter, however this means that Retool now selects Example Title (Europe) (En,Es,Pt) instead of Example Title (Europe) (En,Fr,De,It).

  • Added granularity back to the kept/removed list. Instead of filing every user exclusion under "category removes", Retool now categorizes under individual exclusions like "application", "audio", "bad dump" and so on.

  • Made heading underlines in the kept/removed list variable depending on heading length.

  • Fixed an index heading in the kept/removed list that incorrectly had "system excludes" instead of "global excludes".

  • Made some minor GUI tweaks for consistency.

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