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PC Tools - Retool v2.01.0


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  • The Games title type is now an option for exclusion. Retool assume titles without categories assigned in the input DAT are games. For those who click Select all in the Exclusions tab, make sure to deselect Games if you want to keep them.

  • User filters have been renamed to overrides, since that's what they actually do.

  • Added post filters. After Retool has finished its processing, any title matches it finds in the post filter list are kept, and everything else is discarded. This is for those who only keep a short list of titles, but want to make sure they're getting the latest versions via Retool's processing first.

  • You can now use the original input DAT header in the output DAT. This is useful if you already have original Redump and No-Intro DATs in CLRMAMEPro, and want to treat the Retool DAT as an update.

  • Made several small tweaks to improve results for those who rank Europe higher than USA in their region order. This mainly results in European titles with languages reflecting user preferences being chosen over (USA, Europe) titles that don't specify languages.

  • During compilation comparisons, the World, Europe, and Japan regions are considered equivalent. This was already the case for USA and World. This means that individual World titles can be chosen in place of USA, Europe, or Japan compilations (and vice versa).

  • Exclusions are now much faster.

  • Fixed a bug on exclusions that caused Retool to crash.

  • Fixed a bug where Retool included more titles than it should when considering multi-region titles For example, Bonanza Bros. (USA, Europe, Korea) (En) (Rev B) and Bonanza Bros. (Japan, Europe) (En) (Rev A) were both being kept in the Genesis DAT. Now Retool correctly chooses only one.

  • Fixed a bug introduced in 2.00.4 where superset titles with more languages would be selected over higher region priority titles.

  • Fixed a bug where setting a legacy export in the system options didn't work.

  • Fixed a bug where some compilation titles weren't set to clones.

  • Made some tweaks to the GUI so the interface is more solid on Windows for 4k, 150% scaled screens.

  • An internal automated test framework is now used when making changes to Retool. It checks the output of multiple different configurations, verifies the output is consistent, and makes it easier to pick up errors as a result of code changes.

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