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PC Tools - Retool v2.01.2


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  • Fixed a bug where an empty system language list fell back to a global language list instead of using all languages.

  • Fixed a bug that crashed Retool when a trace string was entered in the global settings, the Options tab was set to override in the system settings, and no system-level trace string was entered.

  • Added a PlayStation Vita disc ID regex to automate one stage of choosing between Vita titles.

  • Added a few more demo regexes to identify different demo types.

  • When Redump or No-Intro forgot to add the (Demo) tag to a title's full name but added a category of Demos, Retool would append (Demo) to the full, short, tag-free, and region-free names to avoid confusion with the full version of the title.

    This lead to strange situations in clone lists where a title like Example Title (USA) (Trial) had a short name of Example Title (Trial) (Demo). This behavior also wasn't taken into account for Retool GUI's title tools, making clone list updating harder than it needed to be for contributors.

    Now a (Demo) tag is only added if a title doesn't contain any of a collection of demo regexes, making short names more predictable to deal with.

  • The title tool now has a checkbox for when a title has a DAT category of Demos, which can affect how a title's names are generated.

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