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Switch - MissionControl 0.9.4


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GitHub Releases Discord Server

This is the twenty-first official release of Mission Control.

This is a hotfix release to address the freezing issue some users reported when pairing controllers on 16.1.0

New users landing on this release page should first check out the readme on the main project page for the official project documentation. There you can find installation and usage instructions along with an FAQ section that will answer most of your questions.

PS: there is some ongoing testing of preliminary Bluetooth LE support happening in my discord server (see #testing). If you own any of the controllers listed here or any LE controllers that are not on the list, we'd like to hear from you! (though I don't need any additional input on Xbox and Stadia controllers for now). Please note that these are alpha builds for the purpose of gathering controller information and furthering my understanding of how BLE works on the console. They are NOT intended for general use. There will be bugs and issues. There are no ETAs. I will not be providing any support - if you can't follow the usage instructions, then this is not for you.


  • Fixed a bug in the exefs patches for 16.1.0 that caused the system to get stuck in an infinite loop and freeze when pairing new controllers not already in the bluetooth pairing database
  • Check vendor/product ID in addition to name when identifying official Switch controllers

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