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Emulation - RetroDECK v0.7.1b


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Release Notes

  • Steam Deck users update RetroDECK from Discover in Desktop Mode.
  • Don't forget to reapply the latest controller layout: Go into the Templates tab and reapply the new profile ending with 0.7.1b (there is no need to reinstall the entire layout from the Configurator).
  • Bug fixes:
  • Fixed an issue to make sure the RD controller layout file at update with each RD update.
  • Fixed an issue with PPSSPP that made "L" and "R" incorrectly bound.
  • Fixed an issue in the Configurator that prevented the Yuzu preset for swapping A/B X/Y from working.
  • Fixed an notification issues on the latest SteamOS Beta releases.
  • Fixed an rsync permissions issue in the RetroDECK Framework.
  • Updated Yuzu presets to handle new config syntax in the RetroDECK Framework.
  • Changed auto-update to notification only, until permissions error can be worked out.
  • Added some new pixelart icons by ItzSelenux (pixelitos-icon-theme)
  • Steam Deck - Global Controller Layout Changes:
  • Select is now a hotkey trigger while pressing it down, L4 and R4 are still triggers as well.
  • The RetroArch combo of Select + Start = Quit now works on many SA-Emulators.
  • Open Menu is removed from Select.
  • R5 = A button (this allows for great Wii controls on the right touchpad and pressing down the R5 for A).
  • L5 = B button.
  • Steam Deck - Global Hotkey Changes:
  • Open Menu is on Y.
  • Increase Emulation Speed is on Dpad-UP.
  • Decrease Emulation Speed is on Dpad-Down.
  • Fullscreen OFF command is removed (as emulators have migrated to toggle).
  • Known issues:
  • The built in auto-updater is not working (we are working on it). Discover is ok.
  • Some emulators don't have hotkey support or have bugs affecting their hotkeys.

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