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Switch - Emuiibo 1.1.0 - Goodbye emutool, hello emuiigen


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  • Selected status option (on/off) is now saved via SD flags, so that after a reboot the selected option remains

  • Fixed an input-related bug which would cause weird issues when trying to open hbmenu/album while emuiibo was intercepting a game

  • Logging (if enabled) now logs to a log file inside the SD card (instead of official LogManager, which is less intuitive for regular users)

  • Now converted bin-files have a proper mii set (it's not their actual mii since it's still a technical problem to use it, but previously none was set thus showing an invalid/blank mii - now a random one is generated like in other places with nonexistent miis)


  • Updated German, traditional/simplified Chinese and Korean translations

  • Introduced Brazilian Portuguese translations

emuiigen (← emutool)

Say goodbye to emutool... and hello to the brand new emuiigen! emuiigen is its successor - a new, reworked desktop utility for creating/editing virtual amiibos!

  • All the features emutool originally had are (of course) here again

  • New UI (better organized) in Java(FX), thus ensuring cross-compatibility better than emutool (which relied on C#)

    • Now batch generations (all amiibos or all of a certain series) have their own UI page/proper space
  • New (basic) support for opening (thus checking validity) or editing virtual amiibos (name and random-uuid feature)

  • Default amiibo names now remove less important characters (spaces, dashes, etc.) so that most of the name is left after trimming them to the maximum 10 characters (for instance, previously Isabelle - Winter would be just trimmed to Isabelle -, whereas now it's converted to IsabelleWi which is at least better)

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