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Switch - Goldleaf 1.0.0 - More stability


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  • Some minor rewrites (in a probably unnoticeable way) improved the internals of the project

  • As always, all libraries were updated to their latest versions


  • NSP installs have been (finally) made multithreaded - I've personally noticed up to 25% faster install times, but this speedups might be even greater ;)

  • Proper support for multi-program titles was added (for installing, browsing and exporting them correctly)

  • Switched to an alternative result system via arc, so that now more system results have proper names/descriptions for more readability

  • Improved various internal parts via caching or general optimizations

  • Added support to check titles with no data (archived content, gamecard titles without the gamecard inserted, actually corrupted content, etc.)

  • Extended keyboard support, now supporting other kinds of characters (particularly fixed support for account renaming)

  • Fixed an annoying ticket/cert exporting bug which caused invalid NSP exports being generated

  • Now one can mount and explore homebrew NROs' RomFs

  • Updated some language translations (thanks a lot to all the people who frequently help with that <3)

  • Added support for 12h/24h time display and configuration

  • Support for NXThemes was removed

  • Added a setting to allow custom NSP installation copy buffer sizes

  • Slightly improved random UI color generation

  • Fixed menu scrollbars behaving incorrectly in menus with too many items

  • Fixed a bug where one could exit Goldleaf in the middle of installing NSPs, copying files, etc.

  • Improved the file/directory copy menu and content export menu UIs

  • Added a setting to disable showing hidden files/directories (those starting by '.' in their name)

  • Now showing a deletion dialog after a NSP install is disabled by default, and a setting was added to enable/disable it


  • Fixed a bug where, when successfully reconnecting to Goldleaf after a connection loss, Quark would regardless close

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