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Switch - Breeze-Beta beta80


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Removed \atmosphere\contents\010000000000000d from Breeze.zip

Some users may encounter problem with this present. Now you have to manually add this folder ( Just an empty folder will do the trick ) if you want to use gen2 menu features with Breeze. This change only affects new installation of Breeze.

Various QoL improvements and bug fixes

Bounds check for edit memory and memory explorer buttons

Removed start from search setup

Correct captured screen typo

Fixed 0 result shown as blank instead of 0 and start address of search not showing correctly

Fixed advance search crash bug and custom shortcuts not working

Fixed crash when there is no file in directory and A is pressed

Increased extra buffer size to 0x800 so now a distance of 0x400 bytes can be supported up from 0x100 bytes

Extra buffer pre not reduce to zero when the distance exceeded the segment range, now it is set to the max it can go

Short cut for search status menu now works when custom short cut is enable but is force to default

Address field when smart mode is turn off fixed for candidates display

Always use second line to get address to hook when assembling

Don't change label when the type of data define is changed

Fixed candidate hex mode display

Now address field display in full when in hex mode

Save and restore hex mode setting

When exiting and entering Search Manager
When exiting and entering Gen2 menu

Save search condition when exiting Gen2 menu

Now changes made to search condition while in Gen2 menu is saved when exiting the menu

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