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PS5 - FTPS5 v1.3

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FTP server for PS5 Webkit


  • 1.3 MTRW: Remount /system and /system_ex partitions with read-write access ( Thanks to @SiSTR0 )
  • 1.2 Fixed the display of the size of large files (Thanks to @SiSTR0 and @illusion0001)
  • 1.1 Added persistence
  • 1.0 Initial release

Known issue
Forking webkit process causes a kernel panic when the console is shut down.
Comment "#define PERSISTENT" to avoid it but persistence will be lost.

xerpi: Original source
bigboss: Source improvement
ChendoChap: Fixing loader
SpecterDev: Fixing code
SiSTRo: Fixing code

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